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Martha Hartzog, President (great granddaughter of Major W. H. “Howdy” Martin, Co. K, 4th Texas; Pvt. J. W. Allen, Co. G, 5th Texas; great great grand niece of Robert Martin, 3Lt, Co. K, 4th Texas, Paul Ripley, 1st Sgt., Co. E, 4th Texas, and Pvt. Napoleon Newton Ripley, Co. E. 4th Texas). Martha lives in Austin, Texas.

Ann Oppenheimer, Corresponding Secretary/Treasurer (great granddaughter of George Washington Carlton, Co. A, 1st Texas). Ann lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Judy OstlerJudy Callaway Ostler, Chaplain (great granddaughter of Col. A.T. Rainey, 1st Texas). Judy lives in Crockett, Texas.






Dr. Winnann Ewing, Recording Secretary
(great granddaughter of Emzy Taylor, Co. E, 4th Texas).

Winnann Ewing

Advisory Board:
Richard McCaslin, Ph.D., Chairman, Department of History, North Texas University, Denton, Texas
Donald S. Frazier, Ph.D., Professor of History, McMurry University, and President and C.E.O., McWhiney Foundation, Abilene, Texas
Hon. Jerry Patterson, Land Commissioner, Texas General Land Office
Susannah K. Ural, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History and Senior Fellow, The Center for the Study of War & Society, The University of Southern Mississippi
David B. Gracy, Ph.D., Governor Bill Daniel Professor in Archival Enterprise, School of Information, The University of Texas Libraries
Pamela Rouse Wright, Pamela Wright Collections, Houston, Texas.

Past Presidents
Shelley Rardin  (2000-2004)
Ross Krape (1991-1994)
Thomas T. Davis (1994-2000)
T. J. Honeycutt (1988-1991) Deceased January 4, 2008.
Ruth Peebles (1976-1980)
Bruce Marshall (1967-1971)



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