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2017 HTBAR Franklin Tour

Tour Organizer Sam Hood at the Cemetery of Sam Watkins
Burial Location of 5 Generals Killed at Franklin
Eric Jacobson - Road to Nashville
Tour of Elm Springs in Columbia, Tennessee
Spring Hill - Cleburne's Last Campsite
Martha and Sam After Dinner Conference
Battle of Franklin - Winstead Hill
Carter House with Eric Jacobson
Battle of Franklin - Cleburne Monument
Carnton House with Robert Hicks
Carnton House Operating Table and Blood Stains on Floor
Robert Hicks Speaker and Dinner
Carnton Plantation - McGavock Cementary of CSA Soldiers killed at Franklin
McGavock Cementary - Thomas Cartwright
McGavock Cementary - HTBAR Memorial Service
McGavock Cementary - HTBAR Memorial Service
Lotz House with Thomas Cartwright
Travelers Rest Home on the Road to Nashville
Battle of Nashville - Texas Lunette
Battle of Nashville - Ft Negley
Battle of Nashville - Shys Hill
Last Dinner and Closing by Sam Hood
After Dinner Entertainment by Rick Featherston and Curt Locklear